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Mauldin & Co. Gear Up For Next Week’s State Swim

Mauldin & Co. Gear Up For  Next Week’s State Swim

The girl has charisma and fast feet. She’s a winner from one end of the pool to the other. She’s got a powerful kick.

Sydney Mauldin is one of four members of the Troup County Sharks who will swim in the Class AAAAA and AAAA high school state meets next Friday and Saturday at Georgia Tech.

“Our training has paid off. We want to get after it. This is hard training, and it takes a good mindset. It’s going to be competitive (at state),” said Mauldin, the LaGrange High sophomore.

She has qualified in the 100-yard backstroke and the 100 butterfly. Mauldin will also swim in two relays at the Class AAAAA state meet. Mauldin has qualified with Allie Paschal, Christine Yin and Camille Preston in the 200 medley and the 400 freestyle relays.

Preston is another Troup County Shark who has made it to the February 5-6 high school state meet in Atlanta. Preston will swim in the 100-yard breaststroke for LaGrange High.

“I just want to be the best that I can be. I love it,” said Preston, the Lady Granger sophomore.

Yin is one more Troup County Shark swimmer who is destined for the high school state meet. Yin, the LaGrange High senior, has her state qualifying times in the 100yard freestyle and the 100 backstroke. She has been on the clock at 54.49 seconds in the 100 freestyle.

Her best time in the 100yard backstroke is 1:03-plus.

“We just want to do well. We’re dedicated. We could be doing other things,” said Yin, who swam another 3,500 yards at practice on Wednesday afternoon.

Yin does have a championship background. She has won three straight state titles in the 100-yard freestyle at the Georgia Recreation & Parks Association meet.

“Our coaches (with the Sharks) have worked with us on the small details,” said Christine Yin.

Her father, William Yin, is the Sharks head coach. As for the fourth member of the local club team who has qualified for the high school state meet – that swimmer is Andrew Ingram. He’s a senior at Troup High School.

Ingram will swim in the boys 100-yard butterfly in the Class AAAA state meet next week. Ingram has been timed at 55.55 seconds.

“I’ve got the abs and some good techniques. Our coaches are great. The state meet is going to be hectic, but I think I could go under my personal best,” said Ingram.

All four of the swimmers from the Sharks – Ingram, Preston, Mauldin and Christine Yin – have scholastic grade point averages of 4.0 or better. The swimmers are fast and smart. The word, quit, is not in their dictionary.

“They eat, sleep (study) and swim. They’re so structured. I’m proud of them. They’re persistent. They have a purpose and some discipline. This is an every day grind,” said Sharks Head Coach William Yin.

Mauldin & Co. Gear Up For  Next Week’s State Swim Mauldin & Co. Gear Up For  Next Week’s State Swim Mauldin & Co. Gear Up For  Next Week’s State Swim

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