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New Integrated Bike Trail Tops City Council Discussion Tuesday

On the morning of Tuesday, January 25, the LaGrange City Council held their regular meeting to discuss the on goings and activates of the town. Amongst the docket of business items, two new important matters of business were at hand for the council to sit and deliberate over.

Firstly, the council is planning a two or three day retreat to the City of Greenville, South Carolina. They have been invited by the city council of Greenville to come and commiserate and to exchange ideas about their cities and things of that nature.

The City of Greenville is a textile born city just as we are here in LaGrange. They are facing a lot of the same challenges there in their town as we are having here. We are both born of textile; both of us have had major car manufactures come to their city, and many other striking similarities. Their city has made some really advanced progress on their industrial and law enforcement areas and the two councils could share and learn a great deal from each other.

Next, the other new piece of business was the discussion of a new integrated bike trail here in LaGrange. A group of advocating citizens have brought this to the groups attention and they discussed their options handily. These innovations would be similar as projects seen in Carrollton and Athens.

Essentially, a nominal fee could be taken out of the SPLOST dollars that are already allocated to sidewalks, streets, and things of that nature, and invested in a firm to come here to LaGrange and see what possible designs could be yielded from set bike trail. The project could then be added to the agenda of future SPOLST projects.

The bike trail would be an amazing decision for our town. The trail could integrate all of the schools, public health services, recreational areas, and many other places tighter on ne friendly bike and walking path. Similar projects have worked incredibly well in other cities and have also been beneficial to the overall health of the citizens in those communities. With the backing of the city council and the right amount of public support, this project could become a reality and be an amazing amenity and incredible health benefit to us here in LaGrange.

As always, the City Council has the best needs of the city at heart and is in constant motion trying to help make this city the best it possibly can be. Both of these ventures could bear amazing fruit for our town and be a testament for those living here for many years to come.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer