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Retired Teachers Host Luncheon Featuring Ricky Wolfe And Carl Von Epps

Retired Teachers Host  Luncheon Featuring Ricky  Wolfe And Carl Von Epps

Thursday, February 25th saw another monthly meeting of the Georgia Retired Educators Association here in LaGrange. This is a state wide group of people who have retired from the education field and look to help provide a future for the filed they loved so much and also to help keep everyone informed of the various projects around the city. The group meets once a month for seven months out of the year and has a statewide membership of over 26,000 people. The meetings always take place at the prestigious Highland Country Club and newly retired teachers are always welcome.

This meeting especially was an interesting one, as the club welcomed two guest speakers, Ricky Wolfe and Carl Von Epps, to discuss their new ongoing project that they have been working on together that involves the subject of racism and makes people open up about these issues, breaking down barriers that have long remained upright.

Wolfe and Epps spoke very candidly about the project that they are working on. For a long time now, there have been debates on whether or not there is a race problem here in LaGrange. They began to discuss some of the prejudices between black and white people, even revealing some of the prejudices that they have both experienced personally. Once they realized how deep these issues ran in our community, they formed a group to be able to sit down and have a public discourse about these feelings.

The meeting between the club and their guests was a captivating one, as everyone was forced to self examination and how they all have, at one point or another, had these similar feelings and emotions. The work that Ricky and Carl are doing is nothing more than a public discourse, a chance to have an open dialogue about these issues and break down the walls of this stigma. They shared personal stories and opened themselves up to their own issues they have dealt with. Everyone is invited to their meetings, which are held at LaGrange College, does not have a legally name or incorporation but is still meeting vehemently and trying to work through their issues together.

The Georgia Retired Educators Association is always bringing in guest speakers and examining the roots of city. They are a great organization to give your time and support to. If you know any recently retired educators or teachers, please speak to them about joining these people in their quest to hold up the future of education and to help the city grow and prosper in more ways than imaginable.

Retired Teachers Host  Luncheon Featuring Ricky  Wolfe And Carl Von Epps

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer