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Juvenile Arrested For Assault And Battery

LaGrange Police have arrested a local youth on Assault and Battery charges after the 15-year-old allegedly threw a propane tank at his father’s head and punched him in the face.

Monday night about 10:05 p.m., officers with the La-Grange Police Department were called to the 900 block of Georgia Avenue in reference to an unknown person on the caller’s front porch.

Officer arrived and found an adult male restraining a juvenile on the front porch of the incident location. An adult female was also on the porch yelling at the two.

Police then separated the subjects and the male immediately walked inside saying the juvenile needed to be taken away and wanted to press charges. The male later explained that he was in his residence when he heard someone on the porch, so he called 911. He stated he was waiting on police to arrive, he heard something being thrown against the house and walked outside to see his son pushing his grill into the front window of the house attempting to break in.

The adult stated he then told the juvenile to stop, at which point he threw a propane tank towards him, barely missing his head. He then attempted to restrain the juvenile, during which the 15-year-old punched him in the chin.

The two then “tussled” until police arrived.

The juvenile stated he arrived home around 30 minutes after his juvenile probation mandated curfew. He stated he knocked on the door several times, but no one would answer so he became angry and started throwing things at the wall to so they would hear it and let him in. The juvenile stated his father then came outside and grabbed him and tried to hold him down. The juvenile initially denied punching his father or even swinging at him, but he later admitted he probably did swing and try to hit him. The juvenile also denied throwing the propane tank at his father, but claimed he threw it at the door of the house while the door was closed.

Police then spoke to the female, who backed up the father’s statement that the juvenile threw the propane tank at him and struck him in the face.

Officers initially attempted to not arrest the juvenile and turn him over to his mother, but upon contacting her, she advised she had a probation order to stay away from him.

Police later learned the juvenile was on probation from several previous charges from Clayton County.

The juvenile, age 15, was then transported to the Clayton County Youth Detention facility where he was charged with Simple Battery – Family Violence Act and Simple Assault – Family Violence Act.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer