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Man Escapes Horrible Accident Uninjured

Man Escapes Horrible Accident Uninjured

A local man miraculously escaped a collision where his vehicle was struck from behind and spun out into a ditch, nearly turning over Wednesday afternoon.

The man advised he was struck while attempting to turn right from the right lane while traveling north on West Point Road south of Pegasus Parkway. As he was turning right in his tan Chevrolet SUV, a Toyota Tundra traveling northbound clipped the rear of the SUV spinning it into the ditch and onto its side.

The vehicle came to an uncontrolled stop on its side, leaning against the wood line. The driver was able to escape from the vehicle out the passenger window, which busted in the crash.

Surprisingly, neither the driver of the SUV nor the driver of the truck was injured in the crash.

Georgia State Troopers say the driver of the pickup truck will be charged for the accident.

Recently, West Point Road has been prime spot for accidents of this nature as drivers tend to get going way too fast on the rural road.

Tommy Murphy
Staff Writer