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A Random Act Of Kindness

A Random Act  Of Kindness

Every day in this world, we are bombarded with acts of violence, chaos, and anarchy on our TV screens and in the media. Very rarely is it seen that acts of kindness make their way into the fore front of the public conscious. The beauty in life comes not from tragedy, but how others in the world, the ones with good hearts and kind spirits, overcome and combat the ugliness of the world in so many different ways. One such story happened in our community very recently and it is important to highlight these beautiful moments whenever we see them.

This past week, a young girl named Natalie was shopping at the mall here in La-Grange. She was enjoying a quiet afternoon and looking around the store when she laid her purse down for a moment to see something on the racks. When she returned a moment later, the money in her purse had been stolen. During this heartbreak, a natural reaction would be to get angry, maybe even vent your frustration. That is not what Natalie did. Natalie began to pray for the person who stole from her. That’s an incredible powerful thing to do. What comes next is even better.

A random stranger, a lady by the name of Charmian Stephens, approached the girl and out of the goodness of her heart, gave her $100, the exact amount that had been taken from her purse. This is such a simple yet powerful act of kindness, one that leaves hope for those in our world that are beginning to lose it.

In a life where things so rarely make sense, it truly opens your eyes to hear of stories such as this. Life and especially the news seem to be such a sad state at times, but when two random people come together in life, in a moment prompted by love and compassion, it finally highlights what can be right in the world and gives us all a goal to strive for in these hard times.

Natalie and Charmain have remained in touch and have formed a friendship out of this circumstance and if we could all approach the world with the same love and spirit as these two ladies, we would all live in a better, more vibrant world.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer