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Couple Uses Burglary To Redecorate

Couple Uses Burglary To Redecorate

Troup County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested a man and woman after discovering that they had decorated their home with numerous items allegedly stolen from their neighbors.

Around August 22, Investigators with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office began investigating an extensive Burglary on Wares Cross Road where the suspects stole numerous items, nearly cleaning the home out while the homeowners were away.

Items stolen during the burglary appear to be anything and everything, from items of higher value such as tools and appliances, to knickknacks such as a ceramic chicken, cookie jars, and a tea set.

While investigating the incident, deputies were driving around in the area within a couple miles of the victim’s residence and observed a riding lawnmower matching one stolen during the Burglary at a nearby residence. Deputies then continued to investigate and gained consent to enter the home where they discovered the homeowners had decorated their house with the stolen property.

Dumbfounded, investigators say dozens of items taken during the burglary were displayed prominently throughout the home. The stolen tea set had been set up and displayed. The knickknacks were shelved as if they had always been there. The suspects had even stolen a couch and were using it inside their home. They had obviously thought they would never get caught, because they didn’t appear to hide anything. A rocking chair stolen during the burglary was even placed outside on their porch.

As a result of the incident, Sheriff’s Investigators have arrested both residents.

Investigators believe Charles Dewayne Daniel, also known as “Rooster,” committed the actual burglary, but his wife Tina Daniel had to have known about it because of the extensive number of items found in their Wares Cross Road home.

Investigator say Charles Daniel is a convicted felon and he was on parole for multiple other burglaries. Deputies found multiple gun’s inside the suspects’ home, including an illegal sawed-off shotgun.

Sheriff’s Deputies have also seized a pickup truck belonging to Daniel that is believed to have been used during the incident.

As a result, both suspects were arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where they were booked into the jail on various charges.

Charles Daniel, age 33, was charged with Felony Burglary, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Possession of a Sawed-off Shotgun, and Parole Violation.

Tina Daniel, age 42, was charged with Felony Theft by Receiving and Possession of a Sawed-off Shotgun.

As of press time, both suspects are being held at the Troup County Jail where they were denied bond.

Couple Uses Burglary To Redecorate Couple Uses Burglary To Redecorate Couple Uses Burglary To Redecorate