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Seth Harden & Others Take Sweetland For Charity Drive

Seth Harden & Others Take Sweetland For Charity Drive

There are many great causes and events happening here in the LaGrange and Troup County community. School supply drives, events honoring law enforcement, and many other things of this nature are happening all around us and our community has stepped up in big ways to help spread love, support, and encouragement. One such event happened this past Saturday night, August 27 at the new Sweetland Amphitheatre when a local rapper, Seth Harden, returned home to perform a concert with a benefit cause.

Before Seth took the stage at Sweetland, there were several opening acts that played for the crowd. The first one of these was Marleigh, an up and coming pop singer. With the help of DJ and performer Erick Nathan, the two wowed the crowd with some original hits as well as some old classics. The next act was Chiquitta Avery. Chiquitta and her entourage brought a powerful and robust gospel performance, with voices so strong that it was hard to not get swept up in the moment. The last of the opening acts was Jesse Reece. Jesse and his band, out of Alabama, performed Country songs followed up by some of Jesse’s original Christian pieces. All of the opening acts were superb and really hyped up the crowd for the last performance of the night.

Seth Harden’s roots are in LaGrange and his performance at Sweetland served as a sort of homecoming. Seth has become a very positive, clean rapper whose message is one of love and positivity, a message that truly motivates and inspires others. He has sold over 800,000 downloads over the internet, been nominated for some music awards, and is working on a documentary. Proceeds from this event at Sweetland will all go to Set Harden Inc., a program that works to feed the needy and provide invaluable counseling service. Seth took the stage that night and performed some of his powerful songs,

sending all of the fans home happy.

Sweetland has already played host to some incredible names this year, but has not lost its focus on the community here and all the things that it can do to help give back. From the Battle of the Bands to local movie nights, Sweetland is constantly opening its doors to try and help bring people together under a banner of unity.

It is a place of fellowship and laughs, a place that is building a legacy here and that fits in perfectly with all of the incredible changes that are taking place here in our town. The Seth Harden concert is just one more way for locals and for private entities to take a stand and help change the world, one note at a time.

Seth Harden & Others Take Sweetland For Charity Drive

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer