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Defending America’s Defenders Is Dedicated To Helping All Veterans

In this life, few things are a certainty. Things are ever changing, in a state of flux. One thing that has been and always will be a constant is the bravery of every man and woman that is dedicated enough to put on a uniform, carry a gun by their side, and go out into the world to defend the freedoms of America. These veterans are heroes and unfortunately, they do not always receive the help that they need or deserve. While this in a terrible travesty, there are those here that are helping veterans every single day with the care they need and one local group has been accomplishing this goal for several years.

Defending America’s Defenders (DAD) is a nonprofit organization here in this community that helps Veterans in need with any and every thing that they might need, be it financially or other. They have no paid employees so when funds are raised, the entirety of the money goes back into helping Veterans. They go to incredible lengths to help those in need, even driving great distances to build decks or buy groceries for those that need assistance. They never give Veterans money directly, rather they find out what the needs are and go out with the families and make sure that the funds are used in generous and thoughtful ways. They have paid electric bills, rent, car payments, utilities, food, and whatever else these people and their families may need.

DAD is committed to these charitable events in replacement of the problems that the current VA system is dealing with. As much as it is about the financial help that comes from DAD, just is important is the advice and counsel when dealing with the complicated federal government. There are so many laws, so much paperwork, and all this hassle that people have to go through to get the help they deserve for protecting this great nation. DAD and its team can help these people understand the steps they need to take and the path they need to follow in order to get the help that they need. Until they get the funds or services they do need, DAD is there to help carry the load in any way that they can.

Every year, DAD hosts two major fundraisers to gather money for the organization to re-distribute to the community. The first of these is the Cabin Fever event in February where several bands played and donated their services and they were able to raise thousands of dollars for the cause. They also host a motorcycle ride on Armed Forces day every May (specifically the 3rd Saturday in the month) where veterans and those alike come out to ride, support, and give back. These events both see huge turnouts and raise great sums of money that all goes to a wonderful cause. They also have some ideas lined up that if they come to fruition will be incredible new opportunities for the group.

You do not have to be a Veteran to be a member of DAD. They take membership from any and everyone that wants to support Veterans and their struggles. This group for over a decade has been dedicated to the protection and support of Veterans. Veterans should be thanked and helped for their service to our Country because without them, we would not enjoy the freedoms that we have, be it political, religious, or any other. President of DAD Wayne Bennett, along with his family and committed team, will continue to help DAD grow and help as many people as they possibly can. Many times they meet at the Whitetail Pub at 5309 Roanoke Road, a local bar and restaurant that Wayne and his family own, to discuss the problems facing Veterans and what other steps they can take to help. If you need any further information or to find out how to get involved, please call 706-333-8736 or shoot them an email at [email protected] Thank you for your care and support.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer