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Troup High Student Claims Other Students Planted Marijuana On Him

A teen has been charged with marijuana possession after he was found with a small amount of marijuana. The teen tried to deny any claim he was possibly being framed by other students, but police weren’t believing any of his excuses. Maybe he’ll have better luck with the juvenile court judge.

Tuesday afternoon about 2:38 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to Troup High School on Hamilton Road in reference to reports of a student being caught using drugs. Officers arrived and spoke with an assistant principal, who advised he found a student in possession of a small amount of suspected. The administrator stated he received reports that the juvenile student was smoking marijuana in the bathroom and he could smell it on his person.

The principal then handed over a zip lock bag with a white envelope inside, which contained rolled paper and suspected marijuana. This was reportedly found in the left front pocket of the student.

Police then spoke to the student and his father, who had been already been called to the school. The student then stated he was in the using the restroom when some other kids were smoking marijuana inside the bathroom. He then claimed that as he was washing his hands and he heard the bathroom door open and close, during which time he felt something being put in his pocket, but did not look to see what it was.

The juvenile later admitted the marijuana was in his pocket, but he stated he don’t know how it got there.

The unnamed juvenile, age 16, was then issued a citation for Possession of Marijuana–LessthananOunce and released to his father.

This wasn’t the only police incident at Troup County Schools this week.

A nine-year-old was given juvenile citations for Simple Battery, Battery Against School Personnel, and Disorderly Conduct after a disruption at Hollis Hand Elementary.

No further details are available on this incident.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer