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Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Cart Barn Restaurant: 2157 WHITESVILLE RD LAGRANGE, GA 30240. Current Score 88, Previous Score 100. Health Inspector Comments: Cook handled raw meat and then ready to eat foods. New Violation., Cook used wet wiping cloth to clean prep board that raw hamburger was on, wiped his hands on the same cloth and used it to wipe knife. Cloth was never placed in sanitizer between uses. New Violation.

Charlie Joseph’s II: 2238 WEST POINT RD LAGRANGE, GA 30240. Current Score 96, Previous Score 96. Health Inspector Comments: Can opener had some build up, knife rack had splatters, some build up on it. New Violation. Some build up behind, under equipment. New Violation.

Baymont Inn: 107 HOFFMAN DR LAGRANGE, GA 30241. Current Score, 96, Previous Score 93. Health Inspector Comments: don’t store food on the floor New Violation, post inspection reports, hand washing signs and chocking poster New Violation.