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Elderly Man Charged with DUI Wreck

Elderly Man Charged with DUI Wreck

LaGrange Police have charged a 78-year-old man with Driving Under the Influence after he allegedly caused a wreck on New Franklin Road.

Thursday night about 9:25 p.m., officers with the La-Grange Police Department responded to the area of New Franklin Road near Commerce Avenue in reference to a motor vehicle accident.

Over the course of the accident investigation, officers determined that one of the drivers was impaired by alcohol and had allegedly exhibited several examples of erratic driving prior to the collision. According to police, the impaired driver, Andrew Herndon, drove his vehicle into an oncoming lane of traffic and struck an oncoming vehicle, which caused the accident.

Officers checked Herndon for injuries, but he initially advised police that he was uninjured.

Herndon told police that he could not remember anything about the accident, but police quickly noticed indicators that he was impaired by alcohol.

Police say Herndon’s eyes were red and dilated, to the point that it was hard to see the pupils and his responses to questioning also appeared to be impaired. Herndon’s speech was slurred and he could not stand for more than a second or two.

The other driver advised police that he was traveling north on New Franklin Road when the other vehicle had crossed over into his lane of traffic striking his vehicle. His vehicle was then pushed off of the roadway and he continued on through a parking lot and came to rest in the wood line of another nearby business.

Herndon’s vehicle appeared to have been struck on the front end and was spun around coming to a rest in the center turn lane.

Both vehicles sustained extensive damage.

After speaking with both drivers, police continued to smell alcohol on Herndon’s breath. He reportedly was also struggling to answer basic questions about where he was and what had occurred. Police later learned his driver’s license was also suspended.

Due to the Herndon’s age and his impairment level, no sobriety tests were conducted, but police were able to have him submit to a portable breath test which tested positive for alcohol.

Herndon initially insisted he had not consumed any alcohol, but later changed his statement to say he had a single beer, hours before the accident.

Herndon was then placed under arrest and taken to the West Georgia Medical Center to submit to further testing.

Herndon, age 78, was later issued citations for Driving under the Influence of Alcohol – Per Se, Driving under the Influence of Alcohol – Less Safe, and Driving while License Suspended due to him being unable to stand on his own power and further testing needing to be done.