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HYPE is Continuing its Mission of Helping Young Professionals Engage

HYPE is Continuing its Mission of  Helping Young Professionals Engage

The LaGrange/Troup County Chamber of Commerce has not slowed down for one second, not even with the summer heat. The Chamber is still out promoting and drawing local businesses in from all around the community. While this is a group that is always active and social, there is another section of their ranks that is also continuing in their efforts to engage the next generation of business leaders and preparing them for the local business world through networking and connections. That group is HYPE and this past Thursday night, June 22nd, they held another of their meetings at Mare Sol in beautiful downtown LaGrange.

HYPE, or Helping Young Professional Engage, is a diverse group of young men and women working in their community that have come together to engage with one another and to help motivate one another. This is a group of young business professionals, generally between the ages of 23 to 45 but not exclusive on those parameters, that is working in positive directions. There are many benefits to being a member of HYPE, including discounted fees at events, volunteer opportunities, and incredible times of networking and fellowship. Membership is free to those that are already members of the Chamber of Commerce and a small yearly fee for those that are not.

This group, ever since their first meeting back in February, has continued to grow its ranks and hold different functions that promote an air of growth, togetherness, and the forming of wonderful connections, be it business or personal. From their first meeting at the Fields golf course, to their many different lectures/ classes, and even helping out here and there in the community in many different ways, this is a great group of young men and women that are continuing to help grow the interest in the younger population in regards to living and working in the LaGrange/Troup County community.

In some recent data provided by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Georgia is expected to add over one million people over the next decade or so. Many of those that will be entering the workforce will be either Millennials (19811997) or Generation Z (1998-2014). These are the future leaders of our community and our country at large and that is why it is so important for organizations like HYPE that are helping to engage this generation and are promoting healthy business habits. These are the leaders of tomorrow and together, they can help turn our community into the strongest that it has ever been.

HYPE is Continuing its Mission of  Helping Young Professionals Engage