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A Class Act: Troup Stresses Blocking, Tackling, Academics

Some of the life-changing lessons that the Troup High players are learning on the football field are carrying over to the classroom.

The Tigers are studying their playbook and their school books. Good grades do matter in the Troup High football program.

“We care about more than just football. We stay on our players about grades. We’re tough and hard. We teach them how to organize and prioritize. We teach a work ethic,” said Tanner Glisson, the Troup High head football coach.

Off the field the Troup High players are making the cut. They are doing their homework. The Tigers are passing the tests in world history, calculus, political science and the language arts.

In the past two years the Tiger senior football players have carved out a 100 percent graduation rate. Many of these ex-Tiger Friday night stars have moved on to college at places like the University of Georgia, West Georgia, Columbus State, Birmingham Southern, Benedict College in South Carolina and Point University.

Former Tiger wide receiver Ken Truitt is now a student/athlete at a junior college in California. Ex-Troup High split end Chanse Hill is on scholarship at Benedict College. Former Troup High starter Ethan Short is getting some higher education at Point University.

Camren Russell, the former Tiger running back, will attend classes at the University of West Georgia this fall. Troup High alumnus Eli Patrick is now playing football and is making the grades at Birmingham Southern. Hudson Newton, the ex-Tiger football and wrestling star, now calls UGA home.

Also furthering their education are former Troup High football players Michael Young (West Georgia), Austin Carter (Point University) and Gabe Dowden (Columbus State). Grade point averages of 3.0 or higher are becoming commonplace in the Troup High football program.

“We have some blue collar parents, and they want their kids to work hard,” said Glisson.

On this year’s Tiger football team, Will Horton, Cal Foster, Carson Wreyford, Kenly Bridwell and Montez Crowe emphasize academics as much as touchdowns. Crowe had a 3.4 grade point average last season. He is looking for more A’s and B’s this year.

Wreyford has some smarts, too, with a score of 28 on his ACT test. Horton had an exceptionally high ACT score, too, at 25. These Troup High Tigers are more than jocks.

They are also student/athletes. They’ve got priorities. The Troup High football program is a class act.

And Tiger head coach Tanner Glisson does approve of this message.