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Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt. All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• Wednesday morning about 8:30 a.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Publix supermarket on at Commerce Avenue in reference to Shoplifting.

Officers arrived and spoke with the store manager, who stated that a female, later identified as Terryu’ana Tysha Godwin, entered the store and attempted to leave without paying for a cake valued at $27.99. The manager stated he approached Godwin and she immediately turned around and walked away, so he began watching her on the security cameras. Godwin then attempted to leave the store with the cake she had not paid for and was stopped by store employees and detained until police arrived.

Security video from the incident showed that Godwin selected a cake from a cooler and began to walk to the entrance. She then made eye contact with the manager and walked away and stood inside of an isle in the store. Employees then walked away and Godwin attempted to leave without any effort to go through a register.

Police say that watching the video made it was apparent that Godwin did not intend to make any attempt to pay and she hid in the isle watching the employees and waited for them to leave the area before walking out the front door.

Officers then spoke to with Godwin, who claimed her boss asked her to pick up the cake and that it had been paid for before she arrived. Police then gave her multiple opportunities to call her boss and get the receipt, but she had negative contact with anyone regarding the cake.

Godwin was then placed under arrest and taken into custody for the incident. Police also moved her vehicle which was parked in a fire lane outside the store.

Godwin, age 24, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where she was booked into the jail charged with Theft by Shoplifting – Less than $500.

Godwin was later released from the Troup County Jail on $1,000 bond.

• Wednesday morning about 8:32 a.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Great Wolfe construction site on Tom Hall Parkway in reference to a theft.

Officers arrived and made contact with a site manager, who advised that sometime between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m., unknown person(s) enter the construction site and stole multiple tools belonging to site workers that were kept in a locked tool box.

The manager advised that the employees had just reported the theft to her and they had been working on the site until about 1 a.m.

Police then spoke to the first employee, who stated he placed his tools in a black and yellow Dewalt tool box, but when he returned the next morning he realized that his tools were missing.

The first employee stated he was missing a Dewalt saw, valued at $65; a Dewalt hammer drill, valued at $200; and two red Husky extension cords, valued at $57; for a total theft of about $322.

The other employee stated his tools had been stolen from the same locked tool box.

The second employee stated he was missing a Dewalt impact drill and drill bits, valued at $320. The manager stated there were no other items that appeared to have been tampered with on the site and not other employees reported tools or equipment being taken.

This incident in is still under investigation.

• Wednesday 8:50 a.m., La-Grange Police responded to the 500 block of Boulevard Street in reference to a theft. Officers arrived and spoke to the complainant, who stated sometime overnight Monday, unknown person(s) to two of his push lawnmowers that were located behind his house.

The complainant was unsure of the make or model of the lawnmowers, but described them as red push mowers, valued at $139 and $150.

Police attempted to speak with neighbors who may have witnessed the thefts, but officers had negative contact with any witnesses.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Wednesday morning about 11:42 a.m., officers took a walk-in report at the LaGrange Police Department in reference to Theft by Deception.

Police spoke to the male complainant, who stated that he recently purchased several collectable items for an individual on Facebook Marketplace. The complainant stated he later learned the items were fake.

A total of $2,100 was reportedly given for the fraudulent items.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Wednesday afternoon about 1:15 p.m., LaGrange Police were in the area of Handley Street near Dunson Street when officers observed a gold Buick fail to stop for the stop sign at the intersection.

Police then performed a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Willie Richard Strickland.

Strickland was reportedly immediately remorseful for having failed to stop for the stop sign, so officers told him they would just issue him a warning citation, but needed his license.

Strickland’s driver’s license was then determined to be suspended for a Failure to Appear from April of this year. The tag on the Buick was also determined to have recently expired and it had no valid insurance.

As a result, Strickland, age 52, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff Office where he was booked into the jail charged with Driving while License Suspended, Failure to Maintain Minimum Insurance, Expired Tag, and Failure to Stop for a Stop Sign.

Strickland was later released from the Troup County Jail on $3,500 bond.

Police & Sheriff’s Reports Police & Sheriff’s Reports