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LaGrange Academy expanding Programs for Pre-K Classes

LaGrange Academy expanding Programs   for Pre-K Classes

LaGrange Academy is one of the standard bearers in our community for private school education and excellence. For many, many years the Academy has been working to mold their students into the future leaders of our community. They have now embarked on a new journey by expanding their Pre-K programs and accepting new applications. What follows is some of the exiting new opportunities for your child at La-Grange Academy: “It is a great day to join the caring, learning community at LaGrange Academy. We are excited to be expanding our programs and accepting applications for both our 3-old and 4- year-old Pre-K classes. We are offering both full and half day options.

Pre-K at the Academy is about discovery. Our youngest Warriors eagerly embrace learning in classrooms where they are loved and known by their teachers. Your child will experience intellectual, social, and physical development as their curious minds are given opportunities to explore, play, collaborate, and discover. We have designed our Pre-K programs to encourage growth by taking full advantage of your child’s natural ability to learn, while establishing a firm foundation in reading, writing, and math.

We encourage our students to reach their full potential and foster a joy of learning in a caring, cooperative, and stimulating environment.”

LaGrange Academy expanding Programs   for Pre-K Classes