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Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store – 105 Hoffman DR. LaGrange GA. Current Score: 97, Previous Score: 90. Health inspector Comments: Drawer coolers having a hardm time maintaining 41 degrees or below, New Violation.

Explorations In Antiquity Center – 130 Gordon Commercial DR. LaGrange GA. Current Score: 100, Previous Score 100.

Fatdaddy’s – 1310 Hogansville RD. LaGrange GA. Current Score: 99, Previous Score: 99 Health inspector Comments: Fork left in tuna salad in cooler, can opener had some buildup, single serve plates to be stored upside down. New Violation.

Fox’s Pizza Den – 2170 West Point RD UNIT 6. La-Grange GA. Current Score: 92, Previous Score: 97. Health inspector Comments: Food safety managers certification has expired. New Violation. Mold build up on ice machine deflector shield. New Violation.