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Fleeing Suspect Wrecks Car, Injures Passengers

Police have issued warrants for the arrest of a man accused of leading them on a short high speed chase. Officers don’t know why he fled though. The man ended up wrecking his car and injuring his two female passengers, ostensibly over nothing.

Monday night shortly after 9 p.m., officers with the La-Grange Police Department were patrolling the area of Lafayette Parkway when officers noticed a gold Ford Taurus with a single headlight out.

Police then turned around to perform a traffic stop on the Taurus, but the vehicle made two quick turns and began travelling west on Greenville Street. Officers followed after the vehicle, which then made another abrupt turn onto Paxton Street.

Officers then attempted to pull over the vehicle with blue lights activated, at which point the Taurus accelerated and began to speed away.

Police say, shortly afterwards while following the Taurus on Paxton Street, the driver opened his door while driving in an apparent attempt to abandon the moving vehicle, but changed his mind and closed the door and continued to flee.

The Taurus then turned onto Louise Street and recklessly accelerated to high speeds. The driver then lost control and crashed into an embankment and the vehicle became disabled in the Kersey Dental parking lot on KIA Drive. The male driver then abandoned the vehicle and fled into the woods on foot.

Two females then exited the vehicle, one of whom was bleeding profusely from her face, so officers stopped to help them. One of the females stated that the driver’s name was Robbie Bell and that she did not know why he refused to stop. The females stated that they begged Bell to stop the vehicle multiple times, but he refused.

Paramedics arrived soon afterwards and checked out both females, who sustained minor injuries during the crash.

Investigating officers were familiar with Bell and they later officially identified the fleeing suspect as Robert Oneal Bell, age 35. Bell did not have any active warrants for his arrest, so it was not immediately clear why he fled from police.

Officers attempted to track Bell using K9 assistance and were able to find the hat that he had been wearing when he fled, but he was not located.

Warrants were later issued for Bell’s arrest for Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police, Reckless Driving, Obstruction of Officers.

This incident is still under investigation.