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Woman Accused of Holiday Destruction

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer A local woman spent her Thanksgiving night in jail after she allegedly got into an altercation at her boyfriend’s workplace and took out her frustrations on his vehicle.

On Thanksgiving, around 1:17 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department responded to Kimberly Clark on Orchard Hill Road in reference to reports of a domestic disturbance. Officers arrived and made contact with a male, who stated that the mother of his child, Kierra Yashika Gilbert, came to his workplace and damaged his GMC Yukon.

Police inspected the vehicle and found damage to the passenger side mirror, passenger side door handle, the back bumper, the front grill, and multiple scratches to the driver’s side window from the inside.

According to the complainant, Gilbert used her own vehicle, a grey Nissan Maxima, to cause most of the damage by ramming her car into his parked Yukon.

The alleged victim explained that he and Gilbert have been having relationship issues and she came to his work to confront him about being with his ex-wife. He stated Gilbert then became irate and started damaging his vehicle.

The victim told police that during the incident Gilbert was been able to get inside his vehicle and she began causing the internal damage until he pulled her out. She then left after he was able to remove her from the vehicle.

Due to the holiday, police were not immediately able to view security video that may have captured the incident, since much of the staff was unavailable.

Police later relocated and spoke to Gilbert at her residence. She told police that they have been having relationship issues since the previous weekend, when there was an unreported domestic incident at their residence in the county.

Gilbert stated she was later contacted by the victim’s ex-wife, so she went to his workplace to confront him. An argument then ensued inside the front office and then she went outside and caused the damage.

Gilbert admitted to causing the damage; however, she stated there was more physical contact than her boyfriend reported. Police were unable to immediately verify this due it being a holiday and staff not being present. As a result of the initial investigation, Gilbert, age 27, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where she was booked into the jail charged with Criminal Damage to Property – Family Violence Act. This incident is still under investigation by the La-Grange Police Department Criminal Investigation Section.