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Dreamchaser Day Holds Inaugural Event

Dreamchaser Day  Holds Inaugural Event

There will be an abundance of opportunities coming forward for locals to find themselves in great jobs here in Troup County. There is a local non-profit called the Institute for Civic Entrepreneurship that hosted a new event that took on the task of preparing people for jobs and job interviews. In order for citizens to thrive not survive, they were given an opportunity to learn soft skills, skills that they need to find and maintain a job. This should close the gap between the number of jobs available and the people that do not have or cannot maintain jobs. That’s what happened this past weekend with a new special event to benefit the community.

There were many attendees at the Callaway Conference Center on Saturday, January 27th, when Dream Chaser Day took over the venue. The Mayor of La-Grange, Jim Thornton, opened the event with some words of encouragement for all involved with Dream Chaser. Curtis Brown Jr. and Teara Harris, co-sponsors of the event, both spoke to the crowd as well, firing them up for the different speakers and breakout sessions for the day. There were many speakers lined up, including key note speakers Viedra Sullivan and Mack and Ria Story. They were all prepared to dole out powerful words of encouragement and life advice. The group sent some information surrounding the event and all that took place with it: “Often, hiring managers in manufacturing industries overlook “soft skills” when deciding who to hire. This results in an organization suffering losses to both its culture and production because of issues like lack of teamwork and cooperation. At the same time, everyday people who lack these critical interpersonal skills lose hope because they cannot find or retain suitable work. On January 27, the community came together for “Dream Chaser Day,” a half day long event that gave current and prospective manufacturing employees an opportunity to learn and develop the soft skills that are necessary for their success.

As Troup County emerges as a statewide leader in job growth, it is essential that we find new ways to support a reliable and dedicated workforce. The name, “Dream Chaser” represents our theme of helping others to empower themselves by introducing tools and resources that will further their lives. Event co-Producer Teara Harris describes the impact that this event will have when she states: “Troup County has never done anything like this. So many people cannot reach their potential because they have never seen what it looks like to speak well, dress professionally and believe that they can do better. This event will prove to them that they are not limited.” During the summer, we will be identifying partner organizations that are interested in sponsorship and providing speakers and moderators for panels and breakout sessions. If you are interested in learning more about the event, please contact the event producers Teara Harris at (404) 573-6826 or Curtis Brown, Jr. at (706) 538-2308.”

The Dream Chaser event is the perfect example of what happens when citizens pull together in order to try and help their community improve. There were many there that day that were local success stories, people who have done well by learning the necessary skills that this workshop/ seminar provided. In addition, those that were in attendance were told about many of the wonderful opportunities that are already present in our community and at their disposal. The citizens of Troup County are on the way up and with events like Dream Chaser Day, everyone will have an opportunity for a bigger tomorrow.

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Dreamchaser Day  Holds Inaugural Event Dreamchaser Day  Holds Inaugural Event Dreamchaser Day  Holds Inaugural Event Dreamchaser Day  Holds Inaugural Event