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Calumet Bank Holds BBQ Fundraiser

Calumet Bank Holds BBQ Fundraiser

With spring and the feel of rebirth in the air, many people are shaking off the winter and hitting the ground running hard in 2018. It is a time where things begin to pick up steam and many organizations begin to prepare for the busy summer season. Several charitable organizations start to develop their campaign plans for the next few months, trying to raise funds to cure disease or to help those in need. Recently, one of Troup County’s locally owned and operated businesses kicked off the warmer weather with their annual BBQ luncheon to raise funds for charities. Calumet Bank set up in front of their building this past Friday, March 23rd, to hand out BBQ to the masses.

The air was filled with a delicious smell that afternoon, as people began to come through the line and pick up their sandwiches. Members of Calumet Bank manned the station in the parking lot, helping to collect money and pass out plates. This is not the first time that the group has taken part in an event such as this, as they have been raising money for charitable organizations for a few years now. In fact, Calumet was out raising funds for not one, but two different organizations that will go on to help many people.

Alesha Brunair, a credit analyst for Calumet Bank, organizes this event each year. Calumet Bank takes part in this BBQ drive to raise money for the March for Dimes and Relay for Life. Partnering with Sloppy Pig catering, they hand out on average around 450 lunches to people that come through for the event each year. Last year, they were the top financial institution for the local March for Dimes, as Calumet donates around $2,000 to each organization. In fact, they hold several events year round to raise money, including selling candy bars, paid employee dress down days, and a raffle for a half day off. Each year, Calumet is finding new ways to collect and donate to these organizations that will go on to change lives for the better.

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