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Rolling in the Bass

Rolling in the Bass

The Reel 30 Bass Trail tournament continued Sunday, March 25th at Lake Wedowee. With great weather came a great turnout and a lot of fishing fun. Some of the Southeast’s greatest fishermen came, bringing their best with them.

The competition was healthy, and the participants were true sportsmen.

The biggest bass caught at the tournament weighed in at 7.2 lbs. Shane Griffin caught this monster bass.

James Palmer also caught a good bass that weighed in at 5.66 lbs, and Tim McGill caught a healthy 5.55-lb fish.

By the end of the tournament, more than two hundred fish had been weighed in.

The results of the tournament were impressive.

Shane Griffin won first place with 14.73 lbs of bass. Second place went to James Palmer, 13.46 lbs. Third place was Reid Hurston, 11.29 lbs.

Roger Grizzard, Tim McGill, and Richard Williams rounded out fourth through sixth place.

Reel 30 Bass Trail would out their standings on their official Facebook page.

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Rolling in the Bass