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Entering Auto Suspect Caught at Granger Park

Entering Auto Suspect  Caught at Granger Park

Police have arrested a male suspect as the result of a strange encounter where the man was caught red-handed entering a vehicle at Granger Park.

Thursday night, April 26th, about 8:45 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department were patrolling the area of Granger Park when they observed the dome light activated inside a pickup truck parked in the area.

Police then noticed the passenger side door was open and there were legs sticking out of the vehicle. Upon further investigation, officers discovered a suspicious older male in the vehicle who was reportedly only partially dressed.

The male, later identified as Antonio Demetius Harris, was wearing shorts hanging around his mid thigh with his underwear hanging out, partially exposing his rear end. The male had on a dirty polo shirt that was inside out and hanging around his neck, but not pulled on down through his arms. Officers explain that the male was basically shirtless.

Due to most other people in the area being dressed up in semi-formal attire for an event, officers decided to stop and speak with the man.

Police spoke with Harris and asked him what he was doing in the truck and he claimed he had the owner’s permission to be in it. He stated the owner had allowed him to go into the truck and get some change to buy food.

Harris was unable to provide the owner’s name, only claiming that the owner had told him it was okay for him to get the change prior to entering the school.

Police had a hard time believing this, so Harris was detained pending further investigation.

When Harris found out that officers were attempting to contact the owner of the truck, he changed his statement to say he pulled on the truck handle and found it unlocked, and then entered the vehicle looking for money.

Harris was then taken into custody and searched to arrest, at which point both his pockets were found to be full of loose change.

Officers were later able to identify and speak with the owner of the vehicle, who came from the nearby high school. The owner informed officers that he did not give anyone permission to go into the car and that he thought he had left it secured. The owner also stated he had never seen Harris before.

The truck was then checked and only loose change appeared to be missing.

As a result, Harris, age 42, was arrested and transported to Troup County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked into the jail charged with Entering Auto Theft.

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