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Troup County School System Bids Farewell to Retirees

Troup County School System Bids Farewell to Retirees

As the 2017-2018 Troup County School System (TCSS) school year ended, the district hosted a retirement celebration for over 40 retiring employees. New Hope Baptist Church was the host site. They provided a welcoming and decorated environment for the district’s retiree’s to enjoy one final goodbye.

The purpose of the reception is to thank all staff who committed their career to the organization. Honored guests had multiple years of service that ranged anywhere between 10 years and 43 years. Overall, there was 986 total years of service in public education. Retirees consisted of employees who were teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, nutrition assistants and managers, principals, and more.

During the event, honorees received congratulations and a gift. The TCSS retirees are: Marie Jordan, Nutrition Assistant at Berta Weathersbee Elementary -10Years Debbie Phelps, School Nurse at Long Cane Elementary and Long Cane Middle – 10 Years Frances Shackelford, Teacher at Rosemont Elementary – 11 Years Brenda Williams, Nutrition Assistant at Callaway Elementary – 11 Years Debra Thomas, Nutrition Assistant at Troup High School – 12 Years Patricia Thomas, Special Education Teacher at Troup High School – 12 Years Ernest Person, Nutrition Assistant at Ethel W. Kight Elementary – 14 1/2 Years Jesse Benjamin, Sr., Custodian at Callaway High School – 15 Years Pamela Bettes, Teacher at Hillcrest Elementary – 16 Years Lucy Wilson, Paraprofessional at Hillcrest Elementary – 17 Years Kathleen Landry, Teacher at Franklin Forest Elementary – 18 Years John Stadler, Engineering Instructor at THINC College & Career Academy – 20 Years Sherry Hogg, Nutrition Manager at West Point Elementary – 21 Years Shirley Jean Shiflett Davis, Nutrition Assistant at Hillcrest Elementary School – 21 Years Aretha Jones, Nutrition Assistant at West Point Elementary – 22 Years Jan Carnes, Chemistry & Forensic Science Teacher at Troup High School – 22 Years Peggy Smith, Custodian at Hillcrest Elementary – 22 Years Donna Townsend, Nutrition Manager at Troup High School – 23 Years Mary Mills, Paraprofessional at Franklin Forest 25 Years Willie Stargill, Lead Custodian at Whitesville Road Elementary- 26 Years Deborah Pittman, Paraprofessional at Whitesville Road Elementary – 27 Years Gail McLachlan Sherman, Reading Programs and Academic Coach – 27 Years Susan Lee, Music Teacher at Franklin Forest and Ethel W. Kight Elementary Schools – 27 Years Cara Watts, First Grade Teacher at Franklin Forest Elementary – 29 Years Charlene Lambert, Exceptional Education Teacher at Rosemont Elementary – 29 Years Sequita Freeman, Chief Human Resources Officer for Troup County School System – 29 Years Kathy James, Paraprofessional at Long Cane Elementary School – 29 ½ Years Ann George, First Grade Teacher at Berta Weathersbee Elementary – 30 Years Cindy Gurley, System Bookkeeper – 30 Years Cynthia Brown, Music Specialist at Rosemont and Hillcrest Elementary Schools – 30 Years Judy Beach, Media Center Assistant at Long Cane Middle – 30 Years Lesia Ansaldo, Registrar at Long Cane Middle School – 30 Years Margaret Bartley, School Counselor at Long Cane Middle School – 30 Years Peter Anderson, Mathematics Teacher at Troup High School – 30 Years Karla Fagg, Principal at The HOPE Academy 30.2 Years Tommy Freeman, Maintenance Department Supervisor – 31 Years Dana Morton, Fifth Grade Teacher at Rosemont Elementary – 31 Years Lynn Smith, First Grade Teacher at Rosemont Elementary – 31 Years.

Amy Vowell, Third Grade Math Teacher at Rosemont Elementary – 32 Years Carol Todd, Mathematics Teacher at Troup High School – 32 Years Anne Tiffin, Special Education Teacher – 33 Years Cheryl Payne, EIP Reading (System 44/Read 180) Teacher at Whitesville Road Elementary – 41 Years Bernice Thomas, School Counselor at LaGrange High School – 43 Years About Troup County School System Troup County School System is an accredited educational system with over 11,900 students in grades K-12. TCSS does offer a free Pre-K program at each elementary school. The system is comprised of eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, one college and career academy, and one alternative learning center. Students within the school system are taught a rigorous and relevant curriculum that helps them make college and career choices beyond graduation and succeed in life. The system 2017 graduation rate rose 6.6 percentage points in three Years to 78.0 percent. To learn more about Troup County School System, visit and the Troup County School System Facebook page.

Troup County School System Bids Farewell to Retirees Troup County School System Bids Farewell to Retirees