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Callaway Gardens Holds 59th Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament

Callaway Gardens Holds 59th Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament

Callaway Gardens hosted the 59th Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament May 25-27. The three-day tournament featured international athletes from across the globe and took place on Robin Lake Beach at the Callaway Gardens Resort.

The event, the most prestigious water sports tournament in the world, had its humble beginnings at Callaway Gardens in 1959. The resort specifically designed Robin Lake for the Masters Tournament that has now grown into a popular world-wide attraction.

The tournament boosts the local economy, drawing in thousands of spectators and drawing multi-county media coverage.

The resort, located in Harris County and founded in 1952, began as a project of Troup County’s leading family. The Callaway’s opened the Gardens to the public in the 1950s as just one of their many philanthropic moves.

Now the Gardens remain a popular destination throughout the year.

The Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament kicks off the summer season at the Gardens in style.

The competition features several different sports, including: Women’s and Men’s Tricks, Women’s and Men’s Slalom, Women’s and Men’s Jump, Women and Men’s Wakeboard, and Men’s Wakeskate.

The scores in the final rounds of each event are as follows:

Tricks—Trick waterskiing is considered by many to be more technical than other forms of the sport and requires special skis.

Men’s Tricks—Aliaskei Zharnasek (Belarus), 11,870; Danylo Filchenko (Ukraine), 10,900; Franck Desboyaux (USA), 9,280; Adam Pickos (USA), 8,720.

Women’s Tricks—Neilly Ross (CAN), 9,550; Erika Lang (USA), 9,240; Natallia Berdnikava (Belarus); Anna Gay (USA), 5,490.

Slalom— Slalom in water skiing refers to using one ski where the dominant foot is in front of the other, as opposed to having two skis (one on each foot).

Men’s Slalom—Nate Smith (USA), 3.00 @ 41 Off; William Asher (GBR), 1.00 @41 Off; Robert Pigozzi (Dominican Republic), 1.5 @ 39.5 Off; Freddie Winter (GBR), 2.5 @ 38 Off.

Women’s Slalom—Manon Costard (France), 2 @ 39.5 Off; Regina Jaquess (USA), 2 @ 39.5 Off; Whitney McClintock Rini (CAN), 1 @ 39.5 Off; Brooke Baldwin (USA), 0 @ 39.5 Off.

Jump—Jump waterskiing differs from slalom in that skiers are required to wear two skis and will be pulled by a towboat over a ramp. The goal is to travel as far as possible after the jump on the ramp.

Men’s Jump—at the time of this article, there are no standings for men’s jump.

Women’s Jump—Jacinta Carroll (AUS), 176 feet; Natallia Berdnikava (Belarus), 159 feet; Hanna Straltsova (Belarus), 159 feet; Lauren Morgan (USA), 146 feet.

Wakeboard—Wakeboarding is a sport in which athletes use a wakeboard to ride the surface of a body of water while being pulled by a boat. It’s currently one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world.

Men’s Wakeboard—Harley Clifford (AUS), 97.67; Nic Rapa (AUS), 95.33; Tony Lacconi (AUS), 87.67; Mike Dowdy (USA), 77.67.

Women’s Wakeboard—Meagan Ethell (USA), 93.67; Nicola Butler (USA), 89.33; Erika Lang (USA), 80.67; Dallas Friday (USA), 36.67.

Wakeskate—Wakeskating differs from wakeboarding in that riders’ feet are not attached to the board.

Men’s Wake Skate—Reed Hansen (USA), 85; Coco Mendez (USA), 80; Brian Grubb (USA), 75.67.

The tournament will return to Callaway Gardens next year for the annual competition.

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Callaway Gardens Holds 59th Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament Callaway Gardens Holds 59th Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament