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Woman Accused of Reporting Fake Hit & Run

LaGrange Police have issued an arrest warrant for a local woman, who is accused of making up a Hit & Run to explain her wrecked car because she did not want to explain it to her husband.

Friday afternoon about 2:10 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department responded to Beauty and Beyond on Commerce Avenue in reference to reports of a private property hit-and-run collision.

Police arrived and met with the complainant, Tiffany Lewis, who stated she just left work and went to the Troup County Jail before coming to Beauty and Beyond. She stated she parked her silver Chrysler PT Cruiser in the parking lot and went inside the business, but later when she returned to her vehicle, it had been damaged while she was in the store.

Lewis reported that when she returned to the vehicle, the driver’s side door was heavily damaged, to the point that she was unable to open the door.

Lewis also advised that she had already checked with an employee of Beauty and Beyond and they advised they did not have video in the parking lot near her vehicle.

Police observed moderate damage to the driver’s side from the bottom of the vehicle to the rear view mirror, which was hanging down. There was also yellow paint transfer and the damage appeared to be consistent with striking a pole or barrier rather than being struck by another vehicle. Despite this, Lewis insisted the damage occurred while she was inside the store, so police continued to investigate.

Officers later obtained video from outside the Troup County Jail which showed Lewis arriving in the same vehicle about 40 minutes prior to reporting the incident. When the silver PT Cruiser came into the parking lot, the jail security video showed the vehicle already had the driver’s side rear view mirror hanging down. The video also showed Lewis exiting the vehicle through the passenger side.

Police later spoke with Lewis via telephone and she was unable to explain how her vehicle was damaged while parked at Beauty and Beyond if it was already damaged at the Troup County Jail earlier in the day.

After going back and forth for several minutes, eventually Lewis admitted she struck a yellow barrier pole at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Lafayette Parkway. She stated she did not want to tell her husband that she wrecked the car, so she reported the damage as a hit and run.

Police later charged Lewis with False Report of a Crime and she was advised of the outstanding warrant for her arrest via telephone.

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