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LaGrange Active Life Advanced Line Dancing

LaGrange Active Life Advanced Line Dancing

The Active Life of LaGrange held one its bi-weekly advanced line dancing classes Tuesday. Offered at 7:00 PM on Tuesdays and 1:00 PM on Thursdays, the classes serve as a continuation of the beginner and intermediate levels the center also offers.

The class, taught by Mark Richardson, kicked off with a bang, with the roughly thirty-or-so students masterfully navigating the floor in a series of exciting dances.

With a free and open environment, individuals of all skill levels came to take their shot at the higherlevel dances. The beginner and intermediate courses started earlier in the evening, and several students stuck around for all-three sessions.

But, for many, the Active Life’s Wellness Center has become a well-known place.

“I’ve been coming here about a year,” one dancer said after the class.

“I’ve been coming for two!” chimed in another.

Open to people of all age groups, the class offers a fun social environment, as students learn new dances and perform them in unison.

It’s not just fun and games, however.

The line dancing class series stems from the Active Life’s mission to provide seniors in the community a safe exercise environment to improve fitness and overall health while remaining fun and engaging. Noting that an active fitness routine can help slow the effects of aging, especially for seniors over fifty-five, the Active Life offers several weekly and monthly events aimed at encouraging increased fitness among its visitors.

According to the center’s newsletter, routine exercise can help prevent the loss of muscle mass, slow the tightening of muscles and connective tissues that lead to inflexibility, and decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis or osteopenia.

While undertaking a new exercise program should be cleared by a doctor, especially for individuals who may or do have underlying conditions, a tailored fitness program can be beneficial to people in almost any condition.

And while the Active Life’s line-dancing lessons don’t require students to be seniors, the classes do provide a great way for individuals fifty-five plus to remain active and social in a growing community of dancers.

With many locals from Troup County, the Active Life’s dance lessons draw in students from as far as Palmetto, Georgia. And the reason is clear: students love it. “I’ve been coming since November,” one student said. “I started in the beginner level, and I just love it.” The program appears to be working. Despite an hour of up-beat line dancing, the advanced students showed no signs of fatigue. Maneuvering the floor with expert finesse, the group danced some old favorites while learning new hits.

One, in particular, is in preparation for the dancing classes’ “Blue Jean” dance on June 19th. The big dance will be from 5:30 PM to 8 PM in the Wellness Center and will feature dancers from all three levels united in performance. The blue-jean-themed event gives all of the center’s line dancers the ability to come together for an unforgettable performance. With the dance still a few weeks away, there’s still time for new comers to join the fun.

Line dancing isn’t the only type of dancing available at the Active Life. The center holds a ballroom dance once a month as well as a country-music themed dance. These two dances, like some of the center’s other fitness classes, come at a small fee; however, lessons are free.

Free line dancing classes are available twice a week, however, for people of all levels.

Beginner lessons are held Mondays at 1:00 PM and Tuesdays at 5:45. The Monday lessons are designated for adults fifty-five or older while the Tuesday’s sessions are open to people of all ages.

Intermediate lessons are available to adults fifty-five or older on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM.

Advanced lessons start at 7:00 PM on Tuesdays for people of all ages and at 1:00 PM on Thursdays to adults fifty-five plus.

The center’s other dance classes are for ballroom dancing, and they are open to people of all ages starting at 7:00 PM on Thursdays.

With an active, social, and welcoming environment, the Active Life serves LaGrange and surrounding areas with a unique place for seniors to stay in shape and meet new friends. Dance classes and dancing events are just a small portion of the incredible services offered by the center. Located at 140 Ragland Street, the Active Life’s office hours are open Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

For those wishing to participate in line dancing classes before the big June 19th dance, there’s no time to lose. Get out and have fun at the Active Life of LaGrange.

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 LaGrange Active Life Advanced Line Dancing