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CAFI Holds Summer Services Barbecue

CAFI Holds Summer Services Barbecue

Community Action for Improvement, Inc. (CAFI) held a “Summer Services BBQ” Thursday, May 31st in an effort to reach out to the community.

CAFI, a group that seeks to help struggling citizens with life’s necessities— rent, utilities, etc—was founded in 1966 and has been serving others for over fifty years.

Currently the group serves Troup, Heard, Meriwether, Coweta, and Carroll Counties.

According to Niekiha Jones, Thursday’s event was another way in which the group gives back to the community—this time with no strings attached.

“We want them to know that we want to do more than just help them pay their utility bills and rent,” she said in a phone call to Troup County News.

“This is a way of showing our dedication to the community.We’re not asking for anything back,” she added.

The event provided good food for attendees as well as music and fun activities for the kids.

Additionally, CAFI used the event to help inform Troup County residents about valuable resources available to them in the community.

Held at 1380 Lafayette Parkway at the CAFI building, the event united the local community as they came together to enjoy free hotdogs, hamburgers, and fun.

Jones emphasized the group’s dedication to the local community at the event, stating, “We are really looking forward to doing more events like this in the future to help the community.”

Representatives of Goodwill and West Georgia Technical College came out in support of the event to provide free information to those in attendance. Both organizations have provided enormous support to the community over the years, with the college routinely holding free GED and ESL classes. For those in our county who need support, the event offered a great first stepping stone to improvement. Being informed about opportunities in the area gives citizens the information they need to make the first step.

That, ultimately, became the largest take-away from the CAFI barbecue. Knowledge is power, as they say, and as citizens came together to enjoy the lively atmosphere, they also were able to take in the information they need to take control of their futures.

That’s not to say that the event focused solely on adults, however. CAFI included several family events that were aimed at making the event more enjoyable for children.

With schools out and most children at home, providing activities for kids was a great way to ensure that those with children would be able to attend the event. With an inflatable bounce house, as well as activities such as face painting, CAFI hosted an event that was good for the whole family.

CAFI’s official website gives the organization roots back to Lyndon Johnson’s declaration of a “War on Poverty” in 1965. With recent reports suggesting that the US unemployment rate is at the lowest since April of 2000 and that underemployment is on the decline, the landscape of America is changing for the working class.

CAFI’s work has been of importance in our community by helping individuals receive a “hand-up” and not a “hand-out.” A private, non-profit organization, the agency unites compassionate citizens in the community in an effort to defeat poverty in our area.

Events like the Summer Service BBQ help CAFI in connecting to their client base, as well as connecting those in need with the organization. With more special events to come, CAFI will continue their mission by giving a helping hand to those in need in the community.

CAFI Holds Summer Services Barbecue CAFI Holds Summer Services Barbecue