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WinShape Camps at Lafayette Christian School Promote Local Values

WinShape Camps at Lafayette Christian School Promote Local Values

This past week on June 25-29 approximately two hundred and fifty elementary school, middle school, and high school students from all across the community gathered at Lafayette Christian School to take part in the Eighth Annual WinShape Camps for Communities in LaGrange.

The camp, founded in 1985 offers a unique camping experience. A one-ofa- kind day camp, WinShape includes a variety of activities from archery, to crafts to cooking and even worship. The camp has become a national hit with more than ninety camping locations across the country.

Founded by Chick-fil- A’s S. Truett Cathy, the camps aim to promote the company’s Christian religious beliefs. Activities in the camp are designed so that all activities help promote biblical principles.

All WinShape camps, including the Lafayette Christian School location in La-Grange, seek to promote the camp’s philosophy through fun activities. All staffers are college-aged and highly-trained.

For LaGrange, the staffers are all local.

“Our team specifically that’s helping to put on this camp, we’re partnering with the church on the square [to put on this event],”Antonio Del Sesto, a WinShape member told Troup County News.

“Our main mission is we pride ourselves on being an unprecedented day camp experience. We try to bring organizations, churches and other businesses together to transform communities and kids lives with the message of Jesus Christ,” he added, reflecting on the camps’ purpose and goals.

“We have nineteen different skills,” he continued. Skills taught at the camp include cooking, athletics, and the arts.

According to Del Sesto, campers are separated into different villages to help promote camp culture. Villages include the Ocean Village for first and second graders, Safari Village for third and fourth graders, Alpine Village for fifth and sixth graders, and Galaxy Village for seventh, eighth, and ninth graders.

Along with classes to teach different skills throughout the day, the camp also includes worship sessions that help promote Christian philosophy. These activities are designed for campers to better understand biblical philosophy and get started with triangulation.

The camp concludes with on Chick-fil-A’s Friday Family Fun Day. Campers will go to the restaurant for a half a day of worship, play triangulation, and eat a meal provided by Chick-fil-A.

Camp activities include archery, basketball, cheerleading, crafts, dance, fast food, flag football, girl world, gymnastics, lacrosse, mainland, musical theatre, painting, soccer, under construction (Legos), wacky science, and yard games.

Campers will learn the fundamentals of the skills they select. All skills are taught in a way that promote Christian values and allow campers to use the skills to their spiritual and personal advantage.

The activities are both physical and mental in nature, with some (like flag football) designed to promote physical activity and a healthy competitiveness among campers.

Others, like “Under Construction,” allow for more mentally-stimulating activities that promote critical thinking and analytical skills. With over 250 campers participating this week, WinShape proved a hit in our local community. By promoting our small-town value in a safe, fun, and engaging environment, WinShape helps give back to the community in important ways. The 2018 WinShape Camp finished Friday, June 29 and will return to LaGrange for the ninth annual event next summer.

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