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Georgia Milestones Assessment Scores Reveal Both Areas of Student Gains and Needed Improvements

When the Georgia Department of Education released assessment scores for school systems throughout the state today, Troup County School System (TCSS) leaders were already in discussions about improving student achievement. TCSS uses the summer months to review Georgia Milestones Assessment System (GMAS) results and make instructional adjustments.

For the past three years, scores from GMAS have been used as one benchmark for student achievement. “As a school system, we are taking a hard look at the data, celebrating our accomplishments, and working through identified areas of weakness,” said Dr. Cole Pugh, TCSS Superintendent. “Some of our results are unacceptable. At the same time, we see many students in our district making academic progress and showing year-to-year growth. This ultimately culminates in success. I have confidence in our ability to deliver a quality education to our children.”

We are taking the following steps to increase student achievement:

•Focusing on literacy across the system for a second year. Student Lexile reading level growth occurred during the first year. Stronger readers will perform better on tests and will be more prepared for success in life.

•Continuing to provide quality professional development and instructional materials for teachers. We are investing in additional professional learning, purchasing more resources that directly support student achievement, and listening to what our teachers and administrators say is working – and not working – in the classroom.

•Building upon the Rigor/Relevance/Relationships foundation. Initially implemented two years ago, there is a continued focus on improving student relationships, rigorous and relevant instruction, and student engagement.

•Developing a support network for students with social/emotional health needs. We are initiating onsite clinical psychological services for all students.

•Piloting wrap-around services for students in identified schools. We are offering onsite access for personal needs such as clothing, vision, dental, health care, food, etc.

•Increasing community involvement in the strategic planning process. We are implementing a more robust strategic planning process and will seek additional community input for identifying strengths, weaknesses, root causes, and plans for improvement.

The goal of the TCSS is to meet the individual needs of all students. Parents will receive individual student scores during school registration. District summary reports can be found at the following link.

About Troup County School System

Troup County School System is an accredited educational system with over 11,900 students in grades K-12. The TCSS does offer a free Pre-K program at each elementary school. The system is comprised of eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, one college and career academy, and one alternative learning center. Students within the school system are taught a rigorous and relevant curriculum that helps them make college and career choices beyond graduation and succeed in life. To learn more about Troup County School System, visit and the Troup County School System Facebook page.