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Foster’s Tree Service Honors Reverend Johnie C. Nunis

Foster’s Tree Service Honors Reverend Johnie C. Nunis

Tripp Foster gathered with fellow members of Foster’s Tree Service Monday, August 27 to celebrate the life of Revered Johnie C. Nunis.

Nunis, aLaGrangeresident since 1961, passed on Friday, August 24 at the age of ninety-one after decades of service to both God and to the LaGrange community.

The Reverend served as the pastor of Grantville Church of God as well as the owner and operator of Professional Tree Surgeons in LaGrange.

Foster and his crew met behind Beechwood Furniture Outlet in Beechwood Village to fly a 6×9 American Flag from a lift over Buena Vista Drive.

For Foster, his team paid homage to a local tree-service master.

“He was one of the hardest workers I know of,” Foster said, adding “He went the extra mile to do things right. I had a lot of respect for him.”

Foster, who has been in the tree-service business for thirty-three years, has owned and operated Foster’s Tree Service for twentyfour years. One of West Georgia’s leading tree-service professionals, Foster credited Nunis for some of his knowledge.

“I learned a lot from him,” he said, adding that “anything that was high up from trees and radio towers to billboards, Nunis was the man.” He noted that Nunis was a “strong man,” who worked in his bucket truck until at least 80.

“He lived to be ninetyone. That’s a milestone,” he said. “That shows just how tough he was.”

Foster learned of Nunis’ passing the morning of the funeral around 11 AM and had no time to make the service.

“I got a call that morning telling me Johnie had died,” he said. “I was already at work and couldn’t make it to McKibben’s in Hogansville in time for the service, but they asked if I would do something in his honor.”

Foster readily agreed, and after finding the location of the burial and the direction of the funeral procession, called his crew to let them know of their new plan.

He then spoke to Beechwood Furniture Outlet President Al Wyche, and the two agreed to conduct the memorial service on Beechwood property.

Using his company’s state-of-the-art lift, an expensive piece of machinery that Foster says has eliminated the need for a bucket truck and for climbing, Foster and his crew flew their 6×9 flag over the burial procession as they passed.

Foster, who became acquainted with Nunis through his work, operates one of West Georgia’ s most-professional and highly-equipped tree services . The company offers several services, including the removal of dangerous and nuisance trees, stump grinding, professional trimming, and more all with specialized equipment that won’t disturb even the finest of lawns.

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Foster’s Tree Service Honors Reverend Johnie C. Nunis