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LaGrange Approves Landfill Flow and Winery Ordinances

During the September 25 meeting of the LaGrange City Council, the city approved ordinances regulating the disposal of solid waste generated from construction and another approving the licensing of farm wineries.

The first ordinance amended city code to require that all transporters of solid waste generated from construction and demolition within the City of LaGrange deliver the waste to the Troup County C& D Landfill. The county recently passed a similar ordinance that required the same for the waste generated in the county.

The ordinance basically forbids construction waste that is generated within the county from being taken to landfills outside Troup County.

The change was made over safety and liability concerns as well as to improve the continued economic viability of our local landfill.

The Troup County C& D Landfill depends on the revenue generated from tipping fees from the disposal of construction and demolition waste. The county and city hope any increase in tipping fee revenues can be used to promote public awareness of recycling programs available.

The requirement to make sure that the waste is taken to the Troup County Landfill will be on whoever transports the waste, not the property owners from which the waste originates.

The council also voted to amend the city’s alcoholic beverage ordinance to allow and regulate farm wineries.

The new ordinance allows licenses for the operation of farm wineries and tasting rooms, similar to what the city already has with brewery licenses.

Farm wineries will be subject to the same requirements for a Class B wine license, including hours of operation and distance requirements. Farm wineries may offer wine tastings and other sales as allowed by Georgia State Law.

The next regular meeting of the LaGrange City Council is scheduled for October 9 at 5:30 p.m.