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October, which is Breast Cancer awareness month, reaches its final day but the battle is still on.  Breast Cancer doesn’t stop here.  People around the world are still fighting the fight to beat this monster disease, so even though October is seeing its last day this year let’s not forget the people who must still push forward to try to beat this disease.

Paint The Town Pink and H.O.P.E For a Day helped bring awareness to people, but there are also other events and organizations out there that their sole focus is to help those fighting Breast Cancer.  Arm yourself with information from these organizations and be a part of the fight.

There are resources and financial assistance out there to help with screenings, mammograms, breast exams, and moral support.  The Breast Cancer Survivors’ Network is one of those resources.  They provide assistance, positive support services, and education.  The Georgia Cancer Organization is another resource.  It gives you information on who to contact for support, information, and treatment.  WellStar West Georgia Medical Center, West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition, Breast Friends for Life, and the American Cancer Society also have some valuable resources.

Educate yourself on this disease as best as you can because it is no respecter of persons, and can strike anyone at any age and any time.  One of the best defenses for Breast Cancer is knowledge.  The more you know the more you are apt to keep a check on yourself and be checked by a doctor.  Education and awareness are some of the keys to survival for this disease.  If it is caught early by the doctors, treatment can be started early.  Early treatment could possibly save your life, or that of a family member, maybe even a friend.

Life is too short and precious to sit idly by and just let it happen.  Take life by the horns and do your best to not just endure, but to live it as well.

To the women that we have featured articles on this October, and to all the others out there that are struggling with this disease personally, or with a family member that is struggling, keep the faith and keep pressing forward.  Never give up.   Life is worth fighting for, even if you have to take it one day at a time, it is worth it.  Every new day, you are a survivor and a hero to the others that are facing the same battle.  You are silent heroes with a badge of courage that shines through every day that you wake to face a new day.  You help strengthen others; you allow them to see your hope.  Thank you for the courage, strength and endurance you show every day by just fighting the fight and running the race.