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City of LaGrange Updates Dog Tethering Ordinance

The LaGrange City Council recently voted to update the current dog tethering ordinance, limiting tethering materials and requiring adequate shelter for outside pets.

The previous ordinance requires dogs to be on a trolley line or in a fenced area if left outside.

The following items were added to the updated ordinance:

  • Chains are no longer allowed as tethering material.
  • The allowable weight of tethering material was reduced from 25% to 5%.
  • Padlocks will not be allowed to restrain dogs on the trolley line.
  • Owners will be required to provide adequate shelter for dogs.

Adequate shelter is defined as:

  • Enclosed structure with four sides
  • Bedding must be provided to maintain comfortable temperatures during times when outside temperature is below 32° F
  • Structure must include a heavy plastic or rubber flap to cover the door
  • Structures made out of wood shall be raised at least two inches off the ground

The updates to the ordinance took effect December 20.