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LaGrange Police Citizen’s Academy Graduates Another Class

Tommy Murphy
Staff Writer

Tuesday evening, the LaGrange City Council hosted the graduation of the LaGrange Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy.

Eighteen participants graduated from the free 10-week course taught by the local police department.

For more than three decades, the LaGrange Police Department has conducted these classes in order to build relationships and foster understanding between police and the community. The classes bring citizens into the dayto- day processes of law enforcement, which allows the public to have insight into the people that keep our streets and homes safe.

The program exposes participants to a variety of policing topics in the form of lecture, hands-on and scenario-based training.

The course covers topics such as, constitutional policing, procedural justice, local community policing efforts, civilian response to active shooters, gang awareness, crime scene processing, K-9 handling, and citizen-police encounters.

The hands-on scenario training exercises are always the most fun for the participants —and the instructors. The scenarios include traffic-stop training, where they were placed in the role of police officers to conduct a variety of traffic stops using protocol; shoot-don’t-shoot training, where they used a simulator at West Georgia Tech to test split-second decisions on whether to use deadly force; and encounter training, where the students were placed in the role of officers responding to active situations, with instructors role-playing citizens.

“The majority of these were done in low light conditions, so that the attendees had an appreciation for the potential risk involved,” said Lt. Eric Lohr, who teaches the class with Senior Officer Jim Davidson.

The program also allows officers to receive feedback from the public in a friendly encouraging environment. “This graduating class is a very diverse group, which led to very interesting, educational discussions,” said Lohr.

The next Citizens Police Academy is scheduled to start the first Tuesday in September, right after Labor Day.

If you would like to participate in the next class, please contact the La-Grange Police Department at 706-883-2603 or email Officer Jim Davison at [email protected]

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LaGrange Police Citizen’s Academy  Graduates Another Class
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