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The Rotary Club Learns about Football

The Rotary Club Learns about Football

Melanie Turner

Troup High School head football coach Tanner Glisson had lunch with the Rotary Wednesday, and told the them not only about football, he also shared his joy of working with the players. Coach Glisson shared his views on coaching and the fact that his players have a 100 percent graduation rate. He has taken the Tigers from 1-9 in his first season to 12-2 and the state semifinals.

Glisson came to Troup High School and the first year was a little slow, a learning experience, but then the game was on. The Tigers have worked very hard, and they have definitely been a team to watch. They are making strides and plays that show that they are serious about the game, but it is more than just the game. Glisson also stresses academics; he believes that the kid’s studies are important too.

Football is more than just fun; it also helps the kids to learn determination, structure, and the value of being a team. Tanner is building a well rounded team, a team that works hard and plays hard. A team that makes the effort, practices, studies, and has a desire to win.

A big thanks to Glisson for enlightening us on football, and to him and his Tigers, GO TIGERS!

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