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A Historical Town Fighting for Life

In a day and age where people are moving to the big city, some of your smaller towns are shrinking, even disappearing. A lot of the younger generation even looks at these places as almost like retirement towns.

One old historical town that doesn’t follow that view is the City of Hogansville. They are constantly looking for ways to grow or better themselves. In 2019 alone they have taken on many projects to reach this goal.

One of these projects is the Waste Water Treatment Plant which is undergoing an expansion and upgrade. They are modernizing the facility to better enable the city to be ready for future growth. With these upgrades, their max flow will increase to 1.5 million gallons a day. Completion of the project is projected for early 2020.

Another way that they are bettering themselves is that the Hogansville Public Works are constantly busy clearing brush and undergrowth along electric utility lines. This helps to prevent outages and also helps lower many potential hazards incurred by something touching these high voltage wires.

It is also the job of the Public Works to maintain the dam and spillway at Lake Jimmy Jackson so that it meets EPD standards. They have to inspect the dam and spillway quarterly.

Most people don’t know that the City of Hogansville was incorporated in 1870, and was a rail town that was home to the largest cotton market in this area. It was named after William Hogan who was the owner of the original town site.

Hogansville is also the home of the Hummingbird Festival which brings in people from all over the USA. Due to recession and other things that have hit smaller towns in a big way, Hogansville isn’t this large metropolis. Hogansville is this beautiful historic gem that has held steady over the years.

With its historic, yet growing modern beauty, Hogansville continues to hold fast in a day when country living is a thing of the past. This peaceful city may not expand and enlarge at a speeding rate, but it is definitely a gem to those that live there, and those that come to visit as well.

Sometimes growing fast isn’t better, sometimes growth is better accomplished at a slow, steady, healthy pace that enables the city to grow yet hold on to its roots. With careful planning and execution, Hogansville will continue to grow to meet its citizen’s needs while holding on to their rich heritage that has seen them through the sands of time.

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Melanie Turner Editor