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Sharp Curve on New Franklin Claims another Truck

The infamous curve on Highway 27 has claimed another tractor-trailer truck and sent the driver to the hospital.

The dangerous sharp curve in the highway just north of LaGrange has experienced many overturned trucks over the years due to truckers unfamiliar to the area taking the section too quickly.

That’s what appeared to happen Monday afternoon, according to SFC Scott Jeter, who heads the local Georgia State Patrol post. Jeter advised that he wasn’t able to get much from the driver, but all indications show that he was simply taking the curve too fast headed south and overturned.

The driver may not have been familiar with the area, as he had a California driver’s license. He was carrying a load of candy according to troopers.

The driver was transported to the WellStar West Georgia Medical Center for what appeared to be a minor head injury.

Local officials have attempted to work with the Georgia Department of Transportation to make the curve safer for motorists for years, including modifying the slope and adding several yards of asphalt, but the overturning trucks issue is still an ongoing problem.

GDOT has long had plans to connect Highway 27 to the bypass at Youngs Mill Road, but the project currently doesn’t have funding or a proposed start date.

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Tommy Murphy Staff Writer