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Juvenile Accused of Sexual Battery

Tommy Murphy
Staff Writer

A 15-year-old male juvenile was accused of sexually assaulting a female employee of Twin Cedars Youth Homes.

Investigation into the alleged incident began on the afternoon of September 10 around 4:26 p.m., when officers with the La-Grange Police Department responded to the Twin Cedars Hudson Cottage on East Depot Street in reference to sexual assault.

Officers arrived and spoke to the facility manager, who stated a juvenile resident grabbed the butt of one of their workers.

Police later spoke with the victim, who advised that the teen had grabbed her rear end earlier in the day. The female advised police that she no longer feels comfortable with the teen remaining at the facility and wants him removed. She also wanted to press charges for the incident.

The victim advised that the incident occurred when she and the teen were leaving a building after an individual therapy session. As she walked out the door, the teen reportedly grabbed her from behind. She stated she then immediately reacted and told him to back up.

The teen claimed it was an accident, but she quickly told him it wasn’t an accident to grab someone’s bottom. She stated she then tried to change subject.

The juvenile had reportedly finished treatment at Twin Cedars for previous sexual acts when he committed this offense.

The Juvenile Solicitor later told police that the victim could press charges, but the juvenile could not be taken into custody locally as he is under the custody of the Fulton County Division of Family and Children Services. Police were advised that Twin Cedars would need to contact Fulton County DFCS to remove the juvenile from the facility.

The 15-year-old was later issued juvenile complaint for Sexual Battery.

This incident is still under investigation.

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