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2019 Chamber Breakfast and Valor Awards

2019 Chamber Breakfast  and Valor Awards

Melanie Turner

On Tuesday, the Chamber had its monthly breakfast, but it was not the normal breakfast. This time, they met together to honor those that serve in the community that have performed acts of valor in the past year.

Also joining Chamber members were Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan and his family, Senator Randy Robertson, Representative Randy Nix, and many of LaGrange’s first responders.

These officials all came out to stand side by side with local officials and first responders to give honor to those who have went the extra step to help others in need. The La-Grange Police Department, The Troup County Sheriff’s Department, The LaGrange Fire Department, The Georgia State Patrol, EMS’s, 911 Operators, and others who selflessly step into the face of danger to help others were represented at the breakfast.

Newly appointed Markette Baker, along with many Solicitors were there as well. They all work hand in hand together to help keep safety and order to the community. It is a group effort from the responders on up to the Governor that helps makes this community so great.

Sheriff Woodruff, and Chief Dekmar were on hand to show support for not only some of their offers that were given Valor Awards, but also the other heroes in the first responder field that perform heroic acts every day.

These Valor Awards announced by Dale Jackson were given to servants in the community for various different acts of heroics. The nominations for these awards were made by frontline supervisors. An independent selection panel of civilians reviewed the nominations and determined the winners. The men and women that received these awards, along with their brothers and sisters in the field, give of themselves everyday to protect, to serve, and to lend a hand to others in the community that they serve.

Thank you first responders, for all that you do to help keep LaGrange safe, healthy, and thriving.

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2019 Chamber Breakfast  and Valor Awards
Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan
2019 Chamber Breakfast  and Valor Awards
Senator Randy Robertson speaking at the breakfast