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Donaldson, Braves are Meshing, a New Contract is Imminent

Veteran third baseman Josh Donaldson has worn a lot of hats in his Major League baseball career.

He has played for the Cleveland Indians, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Oakland Athletics. But his favorite stop on the big league circuit seems to be the Atlanta Braves.

Donaldson grew up a Braves fan in Pensacola, Fla. In his baby-faced youth, he cheered for Chipper Jones, Sid Bream and Tom Glavine. And now Donaldson is a Brave, and he is delivering on the dotted line and on the field.

In his first season with Atlanta this year, Donaldson is continuing the Braves rich tradition with some red hot defense at the hot corner. Donaldson is also mashing the ball at every opportunity.

Donaldson is one of the reasons the Braves have pulled away in the National League Eastern Division race in the second half of the regular season. Donaldson is playing the ball off his chest at third base.

He is keeping the ball on the infield. He is throwing runners out at first place and home plate. Donaldson is tipping his cap. He is high fiving with his new Braves teammates.

He is also breaking some bats and hitting some home runs. He is also legging out some doubles. Donaldson is driving in some runs. The 33-year-old Donaldson seems to be getting younger by the at-bat.

In the past two months, Donaldson has been one of the most clutch Braves. He is now batting .262 with 37 homers, 30 doubles and 88 RBI’s. He has scored 94 runs, and he has worked the count for 96 walks.

Donaldson and the Braves will likely get together with a new contract in the coming weeks and months. Donaldson wants to stay a Brave. He has hinted at that.

Atlanta wants to re-sign the third baseman and home run hitter. And the Braves probably will in the very near future.

Donaldson is currently making $23 million on a one-year contract with Atlanta. He is due for a raise and a longer deal. Donaldson has earned it.

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Chris Fernsler Sports Writer