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March of Dimes Golf Extravaganza

March of Dimes Golf Extravaganza

Working to impact the lives of mothers and children is a goal that is set forth by the March of Dimes organization. Each and every day there are mothers and infants that struggle from the complications of giving birth or from their pregnancy alone. Luckily they have March of Dimes to be by their side aiding them with the necessary assets for a healthy life.

A golfing tournament brought March of Dimes members and members of the community together to make a difference. All were eager to compete and even more excited to do it with people they have relationships with on their team as well as opposing teams. Every swing was contributed to the same cause. Smiling faces of enjoyment were on display as the participants made their way to every hole.

“We do it for the babies,” Said a team. They were a team of business owners from the LaGrange Troup County area. It was amazing to see a group of men share the same interest and feelings towards a cause they all have had personal experiences with. Due to the diligent work of the March of Dimes organization during each their situations, they were personally impacted by the organization and have a respect for it as well.

March of Dimes Management Director, Carla Starling, has a passion for helping mothers and children all over the world. She says,” In a case that there is a baby born to soon or too sick, hopefully we have something in place through our research and advocacy efforts to help that child not only survive but thrive as well.” March of Dimes firmly believes that every infant deserves the best possible start to their life. Starling and the rest of her team are working to continue touching the lives of all the mothers and babies that need them. “With our research and accomplishments we are touching the lives of everybody,” said Starling; which the March of Dimes has been doing for approximately eighty years.

Community support is always the best support. The March of Dimes would like to continue receiving such support from the LaGrange and Troup County area. The event serves as a purpose to bring about awareness, raise money, and allow individuals to compete at a good game of golf. Robert Therr, says” I enjoy the event because it’s for a good cause and I get to bond with some of my co workers.” That good cause is the continuance of support to mothers and children in this area and across the world.

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March of Dimes Golf Extravaganza
A participant lining up his shot
March of Dimes Golf Extravaganza
One of the participating golf teams


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