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Pioneer Group Purchases Grand Hotel and other Hogansville Buildings

SOLD! The Pioneer Group is excited to announce the next chapter of their continued involvement and investment in this great city. They’ve recently completed the purchase of several landmark buildings in the downtown area of Hogansville. The cornerstone, of course, is the historic Grand Hotel, which they plan to restore as a destination.

They believe it’s a key to the ongoing efforts to increase downtown Hogansville’s vitality. Other buildings of historic significance include the old Ford dealership and several smaller shops.

The Pioneer Group’s vision is that commerce is a key to the revitalization of small towns and cities in America. This goes hand-in-hand with the downtown master plan and the suggestions of several consultancy firms to increase the commerce and walkability of the charming main street and commerce street areas.

By subdividing many of these buildings into smaller, more practical shops, and by modernizing the commercial spaces, Pioneer hopes to cultivate a new wave of small businesses into the multiple vacant buildings lining the center of this city.

The State of Georgia understands the importance of incentives to bring jobs to small towns and has created tax incentives to promote that growth.

Main Street Hogansville is included in the Rural Zone program and the Pioneer Group intends to apply for grants and programs to help finance the necessary investment to bring these buildings back to life.

The Pioneer Group also supports a non-profit: Pioneer Georgia. Pioneer Georgia recently purchased a former church building in the historic Stark Village.

The vision for that facility is to develop an afterschool program and other programs to provide a safe space for the youth and support the education of the community members of Hogansville.

The commercial buildings on Main Street will not be a part of the nonprofit and the intent is to create a vibrant downtown business community which the town will be proud of.