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Stories Requested for New Local Play

A group planning to start a folk-life play to promote Troup County is seeking local stories.

The group led by Kevin Goodson and Wanda Walker plan to create a play called “Catfish & Kin Gospel Radio Hour” that will feature stories that tell what makes Troup County what it is. The play will be stylized as a 1940s radio show and will include music, singing, and a strong helping of nostalgia.

The idea for the program came out of the Troup Transformation and Kingdom Community as an effort to help unite and promote Troup County.

In order to create the show, the group is looking to collect real stories from people throughout the community to be featured in the play. The group will hold its first story gathering event Saturday, December 7, at the LaGrange Memorial Library from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The group hopes to collect about 300 stories from a wide variety of people to be used in the initial show and subsequent performances. The organizers are looking for authentic stories that positively reflect Troup County.

The planned show is still in the initial planning phase and the organizers are still looking for a venue to host it. The group is hoping to get a long-term venue.

The goal is to start the show in September of next year. Once stories are gathered, writing and casting will begin. Goodson, who will serve as director, says that parts will be available for anyone who wishes to participate.

If you have a funny or uplifting story you’d like to share, please join the group on Saturday at the LaGrange Library.

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Tommy Murphy Staff Writer