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Junior Beta Club Induction

Junior Beta Club Induction

Gardner Newman Middle School held its annual Junior Beta Club Induction Ceremony on March 10, 2020 in the Cafeteria at 5:30 pm. The past and present Officers lit ceremonial candles and explained what each color represented. The Presidents lit the white candle which represents light, purity and faith.The Vice Presidents lit the red candle which represents love, wisdom and bravery. The Secretaries lit the blue candle which represents truth, constancy and fidelity. The Public Relations Officers lit the black candle which represents dignity, restraint and seriousness.

The past officers that participated in this ceremony are President McKenzie Aldridge, Vice President Breigh Batchelor, Secretary Lilly Rollings and Public Relations Demetri Hatten.

The current officers that participated in this ceremony are President Lydia Kim, Vice President Cara Skinner, Secretary Spencer Stroud and Public Relations Zoe Thompson.

The Inductees are Clary Anne Adcock, Laila Bailey, Griffin Beall, Caroline Brown, Reese Bulloch, Rylan Burton, Mason Calhoun, Nuria Cooper, Hanna Dadras, Hayden Emerson, Samaya Fannin, Amelia Gale, Tillman Galloway, Harper Haynes, Jayla Heard, Will Hewett, Olivia Hogg, Ally Jo Holstrum, Andrew Howard, Kaylee Jackson, Lilly Johnson, McKenzie Jones, Julian Jones. Hugh Kersey, Sseogyeom (Aiden) Kim, Shieun Lee, Esther Lee, Anna Claire Lumpkin, Mack Martin, Stiles McLeod, Sergio Mendoza, Emerson Mendoza- Recinos, Isaiah Montondo, Bo Morman, Kendall Murray, Addison Orr, Harlee Overton, Syeong Park, Andi Partin, Halle Phelps, Charles Pitts, Anna Poe, John Radcliffe, Adasha Reed, Laila Reed, Kimberky Reynolds, Charlotte Scarborough, Scarlet Shin, Cami Shook, Shelby Siggers, Asher Skiff, Knatya Smith, Taniya Taylor, joseph Threadgill, Grace Turner, Makayla Wills and Kaleb Woodson.

This evening would not be possible without the leadership and guidance of the club sponsor Mrs. Mandi Pike.

The National Beta Club was founded in 1934 by Dr. John W. Harris of Wofford College in Sartanburg, South Carolina. The National Beta Club for the past 86 years has been the largest, non -profit, educational organization for the Youth. It prepares today’s members to be tomorrow’s leaders.

The Mission Statement of the National Beta Club is: To Promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership in Elementary and Secondary School Students Achievement: Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement Character: Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful Leadership: Developing the leaders of tomorrow Service: Demonstrating our Motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others The National Beta Club has more than 500,000 active members and 8,750 clubs nationally and internationally. The Junior Beta Club is for youth in Grades 4-8 and the Senior Beta Club is for youth in grades 9-12.

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 Junior Beta Club Induction