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Teachers Doing what it Takes to Help their Students

Teachers Doing what it Takes to Help their Students

Melanie Turner

In these trying times, one of the things that parents are facing is having to home school their children. If you have never been a teacher or home schooled before it is a daunting task. Here in Troup County, our teachers understand this, and not only are making sure the kids get what they need to keep up their studies, they are ready and eager to help those that are struggling and trying to find a way to navigate the task of home schooling.

Rosemont kindergarten teachers are planning and working together on lessons for their students virally, as are many other teachers around the county. The kids aren’t in school, but their teachers are still working hard to make sure that they kids stay up to date with their school work by computer, phone or whatever means necessary.

While the kids have extra time, if they have a favorite teacher, or a teacher that is going above and beyond, let them write a story about them and send it to us at info@troupcountynews. net show that we can put their story in the paper.

Also, if you have found some crafty ideas to help your children home school, let us know so that we can share it with other parents that may be having a little difficulty.

From what we hear, people are scratching their heads wondering how in the world teachers do what they do. From a parents perspective all we can say is thank God for Teachers

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Teachers Doing what it Takes to Help their Students
Rosemont Kindergarten Teachers working together on lessons