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Businesses to Reopen in Georgia

Businesses to Reopen in Georgia

Melanie Turner Editor

As of Friday, Businesses across Georgia reopen as the Governor gave the ok to do so. This does not mean that they have to open, it is up to them. They also won’t be opening to normal business. Governor Kemp’s order lays out specific instructions to follow to protect their workers and their customers.

His new order is geared toward slowly opening Georgia’s economy back up. To a lot of people the idea of opening things back up is scary. Some even think it is too early. Others are ready to open back up because they fear if they don’t they will lose their business and won’t be able to take care of their families.

The truth of the matter is, people need to be careful, social distance, practice good hygiene, but they also need to be able to support their families. This means they have to work. What is the correct answer? These are not normal times so leaders have to try to reason things out and do the best that they can. They haven’t ever dealt with something like this anymore than any of us have.

They government can’t support every citizen financially, nor should you want them to. That much control by the government can lead to Socialism and that is something that we most definitely don’t want. People are dying from this virus, but you have to keep in mind that people die from the flu and other things and we don’t shut the country down and expect the government to support us.

Georgia is opening back up, and the next step is to just be prepared. If you feel that it is too soon, don’t go out, continue to shelter at home. If you feel that it is time to go out, then make sure you are practicing social distancing, good hygiene and following the guidelines from the CDC.

As stated earlier, not all businesses will be opening up.

505 Eats will continue to serve their customers curbside.

Los Nopales will continue to offer curbside service.

Cisco’s will remain closed.

Some places have announced that they will be opening back up Next week.

Art Accent says that they will be opening back up on May 1.

Each business will decided what is better for them, but as they decide please continue to support our local businesses as they are the foundation of a communities economy.

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