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Sierra Club Staying Busy

Sierra Club Staying Busy

The LaGrange Sierra Club has been very busy these last couple of months. They have been having their monthly leadership meetings using Zoom since March. They haven’t started their regular meetings back up but are looking to do so in September. They couldn’t have regular outings, but their members still went out on outings of their own or with their families.

They have still been maintaining and recording the progress of the blue bird watch and you can keep up with them on their facebook page. In addition to that, they have a beautiful butterfly garden that has some pretty plants. Also of you love beautiful pictures of various types of plant life, they have been posting those as well.

They also visit a property on Flat Shoals that is absolutely beautiful but due to the virus they were unable to visit but hopefully will be able to next year.

Their love of nature has kept them up, going and busy, anxiously awaiting the possibilities that they will see as this virus runs its course and moves on.

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Sierra Club Staying Busy Sierra Club Staying Busy