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Police & Sheriff’s Reports 08-14-2020

Tuesday night, about 11:40 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to West Crovat Street in reference to a residential burglary.

Officers arrive and made contact with the resident and complainant, who stated she had been out of town since August 6, and had just returned home on Tuesday.

The female advised that when she entered her home something seemed wrong, so she began to look around the residence and she saw several items were moved or missing.

The victim stated she first noticed her 55-inch television, valued at $400, was missing from the living room along with her child’s Sony PlayStation 4 video game system, valued at $400.

She stated that as she checked around the rest of the home she found two more 55-inch televisions, each valued at $400, two 32-inch televisions, valued at $300 each, were also missing. The victim advised her collection of shoes were also missing from her bedroom closet.

The victim valued her shoe collection to be around $5,000 based on the different prices per pair of shoes.

The victim advised that the suspect(s) appeared to have taken or eaten her groceries and that it appeared they had lived in her residence while she was away. She noted that a fan had been moved from the living room to her bedroom and placed where one of the televisions had previously been located.

The victim believes that the suspect or suspects slept in her bed, used her shower, and cooked in her kitchen using her utensils, pans, and food. Drawers were also opened in her bedroom and she believes there may be some jewelry missing.

The victim advised that she found an unknown Dairy Queen t-shirt on her bed, but otherwise doesn’t know who would have burglarized her home, however she does not believe that all of these items could have been taken without someone’s knowledge or someone seeing it occur.

Police canvassed the area and neighbors on either side of the victim’s stated they had not seen anything out of the ordinary.

This incident is still under investigation.

Tuesday night about 9:29 p.m., LaGrange Police were called to the Burger King on New Franklin Road in reference to an attempt to pay for food with counterfeit money.

Police arrived and spoke with management, who explained that a male ordered food and tried to pay for it with a counterfeit $20.

The cashier recognized that the money was not real and immediately questioned the individual upon receiving the money. The male then stated that there was nothing wrong with the money and that he wanted his food. The cashier then gave the bill to a manager, who contacted police.

The individual then began to question what was wrong and that he wanted his food, but he grew impatient and left in a hurry.

Employees were able to obtain the suspect’s tag number before he left the scene.

This incident is still under investigation.


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