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Woman Charged with Domestic Incident at Motel

Tommy Murphy
Staff Writer

LaGrange Police have arrested a woman for an alleged domestic dispute over a vehicle and a motel room.

Late Monday night, about 11:08 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department were called to the Motel 6 on Lafayette Parkway in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Officers arrived and made contact with the complainant, Letorin Magnolia White, outside the motel in the parking lot. She told police that she had previously given money to the father of her children to rent a motel room at the location.

According to White, the subject was supposed to have rented a room for them and their two children for the night, but she later saw through a window that he was in the room with another female and their two children.

White told police that when the male subject answered the door, he put his head down as if he knew that she caught him with another female.  She stated she then began asking where her money and car keys were, but he would not give them to her.

Police note that the money that she was asking for was the money that he was supposed to have used to rent the room.

White stated that an argument ensued, and the other female left the motel room with her child. She stated when the male subject starting to pack his belongings as if he were going to leave, she proceeded to push him. White later changed her story to say she pushed him because he started walking towards her in an aggressive manner.

White stated that once he began walking out of the room, she snatched the keys to her gold 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis from his hands. She stated he then began chasing her around the vehicle trying to get the keys back, eventually grabbing her by the shirt and tussling with her over the keys.

Police say the Mercury Grand Marquis had a completely shattered front windshield, which White later admitted to busting out with a tire iron. She stated when she busted the windshield, she told the male that if she could not drive it then no one could. The vehicle was later confirmed to be registered to White.

In the meantime, police spoke with the male, who explained that he rented a room with money that White had given him to pay for the room. He stated that he and White were not together and had separated the previous day, saying they had an agreement that she would purchase a motel room for him and their children so he could watch the children while she was at work, so she did not have to arrange a babysitter.

The male stated that he was with a female friend in the motel room when White showed up banging on the door. When he opened the door, White began arguing with him about having another female in the room. He said she seemed as if she was going to attack the female, so he positioned himself in between them, but she pushed him.

The male explained that after the other female and child left, he packed his belongings and was walking out of the room when White snatched the car keys out of his hand. He stated he then began chasing White around her cousin’s vehicle trying to get the car keys back, ultimately wrestling over the keys.

Police say the male had a torn fingernail, which was folded backwards and bleeding, as a result of White snatching the keys from his hand.

The male told police that he had been driving the Mercury Grand Marquis for about six months and had been paying money towards the title, although the vehicle is still registered to White. He stated that when she snatched the keys from him, he did not want her taking the car since he had been paying for it and driving it, along with all of his property being in the vehicle.

Police note that witness statements lad them to believe that White damaged the car in retaliation for Gates taking the keys back from her.

Police initially considered charging White with Robbery for snatching the keys, but elected to charge her with domestic violence due to the injuries caused to the male’s hand and the fact that the vehicle belonged to her.

As a result, White, age 25, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where she was booked into the jail charged with Battery – Family Violence Act.

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